Blue Distinction

Blue Distinction Centers® are part of a national designation program that recognizes hospitals that demonstrate expertise in delivering quality specialty care safely and effectively. Building on this foundation of recognizing quality specialty care, the program has been expanded to add another level of designation, Blue Distinction Centers+.


To earn this designation, hospitals must meet the same quality criteria as Blue Distinction Centers, but go an extra step to demonstrate they do so cost efficiently.


Quality is key: only those facilities that first meet Blue Distinction’s nationally established, objective quality measures will be considered for designation as a Blue Distinction Center+.


Guiding principles for the selection process were developed through a balanced set of quality, cost and access considerations, to provide consumers with meaningful differentiation in value for those specialty care facilities that are designated as Blue Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+.


Blue Distinction categories include Centers of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery (Stapling and Band Procedure designations), Cardiac Care, Knee and Hip Replacement, Spine Surgery and Transplants (designated by various transplant types).


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Blue Distinction Centers in Louisiana

  • A number of Louisiana hospitals have been designated Blue Distinction Centers by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
  • Each Center's structures, processes and care outcomes have been rigorously evaluated against national measures and found to meet high standards of quality.
  • Before referring your Blue patients to any hospital, check our provider directory to see if the hospital is in their network.

List of Blue Distinction Centers Nationwide

List of Blue Distinction Centers in Louisiana