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Provider Networks

Learn more about our network requirements and credentialing program.
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Access manuals, speed guides, tidbits, presentations, tutorials and forms.

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Electronic Services

Access electronic services including iLinkBlue, online authorizations and more.
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Find information and requirements to help manage Blue patients' pharmacy benefits.

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Stay connected with what is going on at Blue Cross with our provider newsletters.
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Learn more about the many programs that can benefit you and your patients.

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Behavioral Health

We have partnered with New Directions for their expertise in the provision of mental health services.
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Childhood Obesity

Blue Cross helps children diagnosed as overweight or obese to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
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Comparing Costs with SmartShopper

Our new SmartShopper tool lets members compare common medical procedures based on price and location.
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Need an Admin Rep?

Each organization must pick a representative to manage access to our secure online services.