Member Cost-Estimator Tools

Image of woman checking phone and laptopBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has launched a tool to give members personalized cost estimates for many medical procedures based on their benefits.

To meet recent federal regulations, Blue Cross and its partners have been working diligently to develop and test this complex program before rolling out a user-friendly tool for our customers.

Our price comparison tools let members see cost estimates for common medical procedures or a billing code based on their own benefits. Those tools will be connected to provider information all within a member's online account.

These tools give members an idea of what out-of-pocket costs may be. We base example costs on negotiated rates with network providers or on claims costs we paid for care provided in our most common network. Actual out-of-pocket costs depend on care and benefits at the time of service.

Members may access the tools available to them at the Cost Estimator link after they log in to their online member account. Members may access drug cost information by logging in, clicking Pharmacy, then using the Price a Prescription tool through Express Scripts.

We hope that these enhancements will improve customer experience by helping members prepare for costs and make better informed decisions about their care.